Real estate and property owners have noticed some interesting remodeling and painting trends in the UAE during the last decade. There are some important residential building changes taking place in Dubai and other large cities. Here are some of the most important changes to occur in the region;

Minimalism; it is estimated that more young people will be living minimalist lifestyles in the future. The days of large residential properties are becoming a thing of the past, and the remodeling of UAE’s cities is a reflection of this. Property owners are requesting modular storage that can move within apartments to optimize space. Rooms are built to be adaptable with sleeping space being prominent in the evening, and large open living spaces becoming the norm during the day.

Green design and sustainability; all of the major UAE cities are witnessing a growth in green design and sustainable remodeling. Minimalist indoor gardens with directed sunlight and clean energy use are the future. Yellow and green shades have become an excellent contrast to the unforgiving UAE heat.

Industrial design; brass, bronze, silver and nickel with a mix of antiques can easily make a formerly dull room take on a modern industrial look. Replacing some old chairs and furniture or adding antiques, raw metals and unfinished wood can be relatively cheap. The buyer just needs to shop around.

Simple artistic flair; furniture is often overlooked for paintings and wall features when an owner wants to express their creativity. Chairs, tables, stools, benches and other pieces of furniture are great artistic talking points and should not be underestimated.

The UAE will always display outstanding traditions and expressions of contemporary culture. Interior designers are beginning to see the benefits of simple changes that make a big impact on the eye of the observer. Minimalism, industrial design and adding some artistic flair to a building can be easy. Green design should also be considered for any future remodeling and painting.