Dubai is a hotspot for business, and this means there are several commercial buildings scattered across the skyline. These buildings are designed (inside and out) very differently than residential buildings. Here are some of the more recent commercial design trends from Dubai;

  • Dark, Rich Color Tones; Dark greys, greens, and purples create a warm, yet business and formal feel. These are also power colors, which motivate employees and stakeholders. These are frequently used in meeting rooms and common spaces as they are proven to motivate and to create a feeling of success in any room.
  • Geometry; from floor tiles to wall paintings, Dubai’s design, especially commercial designs, has a heavy focus and fondness towards geometry and geometric patterns. The abstract nature of the geometry combined with the right color scheme creates a professional, intriguing yet welcoming design.
  • Comfort and Style; given the amount of money Dubai has, comfort and appearance are way above cost on the list of priorities when it comes to office furniture and décor. A chair must offer the right support, regardless of the wild price tag.
  • Unusual team-ups/combinations; Mixing old and new, brown and black, the unusual combinations create conversation pieces and are a large part of Dubai interior design.
  • Eco-friendly; from toilets to walls to windows, the environment is a huge focus for new buildings. Many buildings aim to conserve water and energy and some even create energy or are advanced in terms of their eco-contribution.

Overall, Dubai has some of the most interesting buildings in the world in terms of design and interior style. The designs take risks, but some play it safe. There are clean lines and colorful walls. It is an interior designers dream come true. Many people come from all over the world just to see the buildings and their impressive interior design.