Art has become big business in recent times throughout the UAE. It has become highly fashionable to have a diverse collection of UAE and Middle Eastern paintings on the wall of a house. Property and real estate agents in Dubai have seen the emergence of paintings and other artistic placements in the remodeling process. The number of artists has been growing in Dubai the city, and there are still some famous paintings of Dubai that have come from the brush of UAE artists that witnessed a resurgence in the Dubai art scene once again.

No piece of remodeling would be complete in Dubai without some of Dubai’s architecture displayed in the famous floating squares made famous by Abdul Qader Al Rais. He has been Painting Dubai since early adulthood. His works are often untitled, but can be seen in many of his pictures. They display his unique style of calligraphic, abstract and geometric influences with underlying themes of realism. His paintings can be seen on metro trains in Dubai, and he has become a household name throughout the country

There are also a number of emerging artists in the UAE. For those looking for a feminine twist, there are many female artists that are starting to make a big impact in Dubai. Ella Elenzano-Orencillo caricatures and paintings show everyday citizens in colourful surreal styles.

Some younger artists such as Safiya Mohammed, capture the nation’s remarkable progress via a timeline of its rich history. It features famous landmarks from every city life to showcase the UAE’s diversity and beauty. It shows the sacrifice of people throughout the UAE which have made it a peaceful and prosperous nation.

Times are changing in Dubai, and the art scene will continue to flourish and change with it. The excitement in the art community can be seen in the remodeling and paintings of buildings in Dubai. A collection of contemporary abstract art and more traditional calligraphic and geometric styles are a must for any remodeling taking place in the city.