After the success of our last post, we decided to share even more famous murals from famous artists who captured the imagination of photographers from around the world.

Evoca1: Mexico City, Mexico

Evoca1 shocked the world when he came out with his outstanding murals and revealed that he had no formal training whatsoever. He is a self-taught artist who is known for his unique style.

He originally hails from the Dominican Republic, and is known for using sharp and societal messages in his murals to drive home a point.

Herkut: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Herakut is a dynamic duo, a boy and a girl, who are always seen together. They are known to include text messages with strong view points to hammer home the point. Body image is an important point and issue for them, especially the girl whose name is Jasmine. In this mural, they say that everyone is unique and useful in their own way and that as human beings, we must help each other to make the best of each situation, doing whatever we can with whatever we have at our disposal.

Buff Monster: Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch suffered and survived a massive earthquake that almost left the city in ruins. More than 8000 buildings were destroyed in the year 2011. To help the people overcome the tragedy, mural artists flocked to the town.

Murals were painted to show progress, culture, the strength of the people, and the resurgence of the city. Monsters running after people with real life objects were shown painted to show that the people are ready for anything and that they are united in their efforts.

Ernest Zacharevic: George Town, Malaysia

Ernest is also known as the local Banksy in Malaysia due to the close resemblance his work has with the latter. He likes to mix environment with art in his murals which are fun and playful.