Mural artists have the power and the passion to change any plain old building into a stunning artwork. Here are some of the best murals from the around the world that you have to see it to believe.

Telmo Miel: Lisbon, Portugal

The best way to fit a mural into its surrounding space is by putting the available items right into the murals to create a larger than life effect. These murals are targeted towards the community, and they try to blend in rather than stand out. That is why Temo Miel created a murial of two girls wearing bright but over-sized dresses that are hanging on the lines.

Herakut: Reykjavik, Iceland

As the people prepare to attend the Airwaves Festival in Iceland, some artists and musicians decide to paint the city red. This is the collaboration that you can see in Herakut. This is like poetry in motion which is also called wall poetry in mural language. The designs are based on music and lyrics. They paint several murals and most of them are Scandinavian, although some of them belong to the Western culture.

Franco Fasoli and Jaz: Rome, Italy

Jaz is known to have a deep connection with the political tensions and landscape in Buenos Aires, while Franco Fasoli chooses to disagree. It was interesting to see these two mural artists collaborate on a single project. They painted the classic gladiators of Rome with the South American lucha masks to represent the conflict in pop culture and local traditions.

Temo Miel: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telmo Miel gained a lot of fame and recognition for his work on the two girls in his Lisbon artwork that was discussed earlier in this article. He followed it up with contemporary art in the form of a modern cowboy with a horse trying to win.