For street artists, the world is their playground and the walls are their canvas. They see things differently, they perceive the world differently. It is amazing how they can turn the most boring of places into a worldwide attraction simply on the strength of their brush. Here are world famous artists from the City Walk in Dubai for the Dubai Walls Project:


Aiko was born and raised in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan. She later moved to the city that never sleeps, New York. She is now a full time studio artist as well as a street artist. She is also part of a street artists’ group called FAILE who are known for their amazing and thought provoking street murals.

Some of her famous works include the Brick Ladies which was made in 2008 in Brooklyn in collaboration with Lady Pink. She also worked on Exit Through the Gift Shop in collaboration with Banksy in the year 2010. She has worked with Louis Vuitton and Disney.


Rone was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. For a long time, he was an unknown in the world of street arts and murals, however, he suddenly started getting a lot of recognition for his murals that featured women. He is known for his provocative murals that look classic and belonging to a different era all together. He has worked in several galleries, both local and national, across Australia, USA and London.


Slinkachu was born in Great Britain. Instead of going for big eyeball grabbing murals, he went for making a statement or two in the wild. He is famous for creating and installing miniature people all across the world including Dubai, to capture the imagination of people and visitors. His small scale figurines have a tendency to spark imagination.